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below are my terms of service, you must agree to these before commissioning a suit from us.

Terms of service: Store Policies


Age Restrictions

  • Anyone under the age of 18 will not be allowed to commission

  • Anyone over the age of 18 must email a valid id to me, will be deleted after viewing, and if this is not done the commission will not be accepted

Commission Acceptance

  • All commissions are not first come first serve, commissions are curated based on my choices

  • I will pick commissions based on how well I feel I can make them, and how much I will enjoy making these

  • Clients are allowed to offer higher than their quoted price


  • Quotes will be valid for three months after being given, and no longer after those three months

Requirements for quotes

  •  A clear, non-shaded 2-3 view ref sheet if this is not provided, or available one can be made for a fee, otherwise quote will not be accepted


WIPs and Communication

  • All communication will be done through my Instagram account, @lilymoon.suits or through the telegram client chat

  • If you wish to have communication done through another app I must be told of this before hand so I am not waiting on a response

  • I will be sharing WIPs on my page unless requested not to by the client 

  • You will be added to the telegram group chat that has all clients in it,  unless requested not to be added

  • You must respond within 48 hours to WIP approval questions, if no answer, I will put work on hold and go to another commission until answered

  • If something is approved by you then you are not able to come back after completion and say otherwise


  • A 30% non refundable retainer fee is required

  • If this fee is not paid within two weeks of the commission being accepted then the commission will be canceled, or put on hold until payment received(We will do whichever we see fit to do)

  • Payment plans are done on a case by case basis, but will only be allowed up to five months (Pricing discussed under “payment plans”)

  • Suits will be started based on which ones are paid in full, or 75%, first and will be completed in that order unless something comes up to prevent that

  • Once payment is received your commission slot is locked in, and you’ll be guaranteed a commission

  • I only go through square, zelle, and cashapp/venmo at this moment,with exceptions

  • All payments have sales tax added

Disclaimers and work hours 

  • I will not do NSFW suits, if we are asked, you will no longer be able to commission in the current slot openings as it is stated do not ask for them

  • Please do not ask for rush orders, or deadlines as I do not do them If you ask for completion by a certain con or date, I will TRY but I am not obligated to have it done by then as I DO NOT take deadlines or rushes

  • If you cannot supply a duct tape dummy, do not ask to commission a full or half suit as these are required with no exceptions

  • I will not work outside my work hours if you ask, as they are set so I can have extra time to be a person, and have fun and see friends I am not just a suit maker

  • I do have a cat and a dog. If you are allergic let me know and I will keep them out of the studio until your order is complete 

Terms of service: Text
Terms of service: Text


Yes we accept payment plans

  • Payment plans require a 30% down payment that is NON REFUNDABLE

               -The payments must be made each month, with a two day grace period once                                                            -that grace period is up, a $20 fee will be added for the first day, and $5 every day until payment is received

  • Payment plans will be on a one to five month basis, each plan will be on a case by case basis, but no work will begin and nothing will be ordered until it is 50% paid(This could put your suit on hold until the next que, if that were to be the case then it would be first in that que group)  

  • Payment plans that are left unpaid for more than one month without any cause will be canceled and no refund will be sent if it is less than 50% paid as a fee for time wasted

  • Once work begins, and materials are ordered you will not be refunded the 30% fee. 

  • Once headbase is finished you’ll only receive a 50% refund

  • Once furred, only. 30% refund and I have the right to change the head and sell it. If canceled. 

  • Once suit is shipped and received, if the 40 day warenty(Rules discussed later) is up or voided, then no refunds will happen 

  • If client cancels order before work begins or materials are orderd then 60% of the total price will be refunded

  • If all wips are approved, and accepted then you are not able to come back after receiving suit and ask for refund as you did approve everything done along the way 

  • If clients are rude, harassing us or other clients, or are rude and ureasonable we reserve the right to cancel and not give refund if work has not begun, and will only give a 30% refund if work has begun 


Based in the US

  • Shipping must be paid in one payment, no exceptions

  • Suits will not be shipped out until fully paid, or shipping is paid

  • If a suit shipping is not paid within four months then we reserve the right to do with it as we see fit 

  • All clients are responsible for paying the customs fees, and any other fees associated with shipping 

Terms of service: Return Policy
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